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Developed for Haunted PS1's Madvent Calendar 3: Necrosis, with 3D art contributions by G.P. Lackey.

Release date Dec 24, 2022
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(83 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity
Tags3D, artgame, Atmospheric, Experimental, First-Person, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror, Singleplayer, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Truss (1.0.6) 21 MB

Development log


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I bawled my eyes out.

so good waaaaaaaaaa

Just amazing !


beautiful game visually, musically, n poetically

short too. easy rec

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you don't appreciate the flame enough until you notice its out


That gave me so many mixed emotions. Went from confused to scary to cute to wholesome. Not many games can do that, good job ! 

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

This was so nice! Thank you for making and posting it  : )


Нужно ли нам куда-то бегать? Искать себя? может быть незачем.. Может мы итак нашли себя, может не стоит покидать свой огонь, Наши попытки уйти от себя прежнего делают нас не теми, кто мы есть. Может мы короли, а может грешники,  может просто хотим власти,   мы только отдаляемся от своего пламени.  Не покидайте свой огонь

Всего хорошего


nothing short of lovely and very atmospheric. Truly enjoyed this one. Everything was handled w great care.

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god damn,
that hit something different.
the sounds, groovy 3d effects, a conflicted story about creation

something about the droning synth cords on the lampposts made me remember things i can't put words too.

I also hope to meet you again some day and share what we both made.

Ohhh this was delightful! Really enjoyed the whole entire atmosphere (and hey, worked great on linux~)

I just played this after forgetting to do so for some time, thankfully I was reminded to play it just now!

I loved it :}


Loved it!

Lovely concept, aesthetics and atmosphere. Loved it!

Ok but this game is genuinely so aesthetically pleasing, not only the graphics but the little piano notes that play when you interact with something also gives it some charm. Wasn't really paying attention to the story so I did not fully understand everything but it still was nice to play 

This was really fun! Felt very personal - like the creator made the game for themselves more than anyone else, which isnt something i see often. I should replay it again some time to really soak in the meaning of the game and what the creator was saying. 

since 1.0.5 i cannot move       why do things like this happen. i do not understand things

Oh no. What setup are you using? Are you using a controller or keyboard? If controller which one?

builtin laptop keyboardd, external mouse. wawa

I assume windows? Also, are you running it through Steam or just on its own? And does it still do that without the external mouse connected on launch?

Sorry to ask a million questions, just covering all my bases! There’s a few things I’m thinking of trying.

windows, running standalone. still does the thing without the external mouse connected on launch

Figured out the problem, was being triggered by launching the game without a gamepad connected (update loop for checking input from keyboard would fail before polling it). Should work now in version 1.0.6!

why i cant move !! T_T

Deleted 241 days ago

Should work now in version 1.0.6!

Weird and cool and I don't really know what this was about. I enjoyed it though.

Wow Damn, really good and interesting game. Really creepy vibes, and would love to see more of these kinds of games.

BTW, for anyone who would like to know, it takes around 30+minutes to play this game.

A bit of spoiler

There was a part I thought the game was done, but it doesn't end until it literally tells you it's done.

it was short and nice!

Thank you so much for this game.

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i already knew you because of nice vfx and a few stuff on gamedev on twitter. 

but oh my god. 

after this game you're legit on my "need to tell people about" dev list now

I just finished this beautiful game and I'm a bit in tears. Thank you for creating this melancholy, yet comforting world.  I truly feel inspired right now. 

Hats off to everyone who was a part of the creation of this game.


I had a lot of fun with the game! It had some cool parts as well, good work :)

Unfortunately I had some trouble running it on macOS+Parallels, (all the textures were black). I managed to work around it by downloading this software renderer though (just copy all the DLLs in `x64/` into the same folder as Truss.exe).

Glad you were able to get it working on there! I just hope perf was good enough, heh.

I hope to see about making & testing a native Mac build later once I finish with the final patch in a week or so.

ah i was just trying to run it on parallels and saw your comment (will try your method

This was literally incredible

nice story

I love this. I love the message, the art style, the music. Everything is creatively shown and there is always a sense of wonder. I'm so excited to see your future projects!

I know a lot of the music is adaptive, but I can't help but wonder, soundtrack when? The cabin's first theme is amazing. I just stayed in the cabin for a while just so I can hear the music. Only one other song has got me to do that.

this is lovely and i adore the text effects

tho i would like to note that an option for mouse sensitivity would be great, as mine is stuck on *very* high

I absolutely adored your game. I played it through the madvent calendar, but yours was one that easily became a favorite quickly! Keep making great stuff like this!


This game is so beautiful but it also makes you think about certian things. However it's still an amazing game!

this comment is so passive aggressive and for what

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omg I did not mean for it to come off that way! I genuinely love this game and it was amazing to play!  

Awesome game!


I ate an edible about an hour ago and this is the single scariest and most beautiful thing I have ever seen

Update: Replayed the game sober and for some reason I teared up. Beautiful and terrifying. Thank you so much for making this game.


Played this as part of the 2022 Madvent Calendar and was utterly immersed and amazed from the word go. Truss is an incredibly succinct, beautiful and validating experience and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.


What a beautiful game.


I can only imagine the monumental work that went into making this game, which is only about a fifteen-minute long experience (if you do all the dramatic pauses and turns I did in each new environment).

The visual effects and shader work are the most impressive part by far - the way the lines join,  dissipate, move and slide together, the way portals slice the air and open, the way the burning orange of the flames slowly consumes the house, the way textures of the walls shift and distort - it is done with such competency and such intent that I can't help but feel a deep admiration for this game.

The sound design, of all things, is what surprised me the most to how powerful it was and how much it contributed to the game. I'm mostly talking about the synth (because it's beautiful and I love it and it kinda makes me want to cry) and it's prominent and versatile use throughout the game.

Lastly, the last few minutes are pretty straight-forward with the story, where subtext almost becomes text, which I don't know if joined well with how everything was presented before (in elusive, metaphorical imagery). Dreams are often difficult to fully comprehend, at least in a way that we can vocalize, and so we are often affected by them in ways we can perceive, but not understand. To the same extent, this game deeply affected me. I'm still trying to make sense of it all while writing this, and this weird connection I now have to it feels profound. It feels important.

So maybe it is.


this was a truly dreamlike experience, and I'll no doubt carry this atmosphere with me for a little while. Incredible work!


A lovely and haunting little jaunt through the snow. A somber yet ultimately optimistic meditation on the inspiration behind creation. Practically therapeutic, worth a whirl.