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A post processing image effect that emulates the Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) method used in JPEG compression, to give your locally played game a crunchy internet-streamed look.


Import the package into your project. Add JPGPU.cs script to the camera you want to apply the effect.


  • Block Size will increase the size of the compression blocks & allow for more dramatic artifacting, but at exponentially higher cost.
  • Downscale will render at half resolution, allowing for more dramatic compressed looks with much less processing required.
  • Quality will cut off the compression steps early and cut off pattern data. Generally much more subtle than Truncation.
  • Truncation will round the compression data and provide some interesting color & shape artifacts. Generally more dramatic than Quality.
  • DCT Contrast affects the intensity of the decompression step beyond the necessary values. While not effective for convincing compression effects, it can be used for stylized visuals or to see the effects of DCT reconstruction in a more direct way.

A Post Processing Stack version is in the works at the moment.

Demo with Datamoshing implementation here (currently WIP)


  • URP support
  • HDRP support (?)
  • Post Processing Stack support (currently only works as a classic image-effect script)
  • Testing on AMD hardware
  • Support for low-precision & non-HDR buffers & devices (color reproduction currently gets shot)
  • GrabPass version of the effect that can be applied on objects or areas (and avatars, for those into VRChat)
  • Datamoshing effect that properly integrates with JPGPU
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TagsEffects, filter, graphics, image-effect, jpeg, jpg, Shaders, Unity


Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

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