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He died huh



Feels like a dream. Feels like watching a machine die. Good game.

every good game wish it was longer but i loved it dearly it had a great story for what little time it was

i think its a bugg

my computer is doing wierd stuff now...


Cant seem to get past the loading screen?

me too :S

okay so I initially downloaded the game and it didn’t work. Running it through the web version worked for me. Hope it helps :)


Wtf is that ?

This was amazing! Love it

the way you

b r a i n  n o






c̵̸͚͈̙̫̻̬ͦ̃̔̈́̓᷁᷉̉͆͏̶̶̘̮̼̬͎̠̪͌̊͒͢ǫ̹͈̯̼͔͓̗̖̯̜᷊᷂͓̱̯̞̏́͑̇ͮͭ̔ͤ᷾̄᷁᷅͐̐̃m̷̷̶̡᷿̗̳̳̲͔᷿̔̉̌̀᷆̏̽̐̀ͨ᷇̏̃᷇̅᷾᷈̔̅̂͟͝m̶͚᷂ͩͮ̈́͐ͨ͏̹̹̠̹̺̠̲̙̞͔ͦ̀̋ͬ͛̇ͯ᷆͋̉᷄ͩ͜i͙᷊̘̦̬̳̩̹̼̺̭᷿̼̗̎ͨ͌᷃͛́ͮͤ̇́̆̒͆̚͜͝ͅt̵̡͓̲̫̠̱̖͉̤͙̳̱̯̩̦̓͐͂̋᷃̇͑̿̔̐᷅̈̚͟͞͞͡ d̷̡͍̻͇᷿̱̝͕̍᷅ͧ͏̵̸͓᷂̬̰̬᷾᷈᷾ͧ̋̍͋᷁̕͠͞i̷̧̧̡̜͓͚̱̯̦̫̩̹̲̻͓̝̝ͣ̇᷄ͦͥ͑̌ͥ̾᷀͂ͯ᷅̄ͅe̼͔̠͚̥̗̮̪͓̱̱͈᷄̄ͣ͗ͧͤ͛ͬ̿̊ͨ͒᷄͐͆͒̿̒ͭ̿̂͝

I've always liked glitchy and mysterious game and this was really intriguing! For some reason my audio broke while recording it and I'm not sure if the laggy place was intentional, but it was really fun to see the AIs lines and how it changed every time you entered it (I think..)! Cool little game you made!


If only I knew what it meant

This is terrifying and I love it


Its SO loud its also really like nerve racking i hate it and love it

I feel like I'm in an apocalyptic world or something. It has the right amount of confusion and creepiness to it and that's what made this game has its own charm to it.


love it very trippy game don't know what's happening

and can't  get enough of the voice of the bot

if this was a place I'd rate it 5 stars-rudecube

love it.

why is everyone screaming


holy shit, induced anxiety lol


Creepy, i like it

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D Y I N G    S I M U L A T O R


After play this it make me fell like.......


hm... wow, great game


innovative, dystropic, almost cinematic. Amazing what shaders can do with a few polygons. Impressive!




Amazing, a dark game, but still awesome. (Even though I was horribly confused half of the time)


Wow. I'm in love with the video compression effects here.


Super good


This rules!

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This game is a really cool experience! Here are my thoughts on what is happening in it.

My guess as to what is happening is that this server has someone's consciousness in it who has died, their brain being used to compute and render what we see. It tries to keep up with rendering what we see but is not fast enough giving us the effect the visuals have (data-moshing I think it is called) and starts to overheat, trying its best to keep up.

As it overheats more and more, the panic sets in, and it starts to let out more words trying to rationalize its situation, saying more and more as it gets hotter, until it finally gives out. The last words of the entity "I AM NOT WHAT REMAINS" are telling us that, though the mind is still going, whatever this thing once was has been forgotten. Only its final painful moments, the injuries described, can be recalled. Not even the name of whatever this entity once was remains.

Also, notice how this entity never speaks in uppercase until these last words. I don't really know what this means, but it seems like a neat detail none the less.

It may be a stretch, but the fact that we are driving and that we are in is a city makes me feel like this person died in a driving related accident before being transplanted into, and becoming, this entity.

This entity does not seem to die at the end, as we can restart, and I think that is part of a cycle. It starts up, forgetting most of what it is. Then it is found by somebody, us as the player, who connects to it and makes it hopelessly try and compute this "game". After overheating, it finally dies, only to be restarted and have the cycle repeat.

That is all I have to say, feel free to add on in the replies if you have any other ideas.

Once again, 10/10 experience, fantastic job!



I love this game as much as you seem to love it

knowing you typed all that in just for a single game.

understanding all that you say I slowly began wondering this could be a theory for none other than life. I'm now getting very deep into this game. and I think I know what the game means with all you said I put that together with my theory and boom here it is.

the supposed true theory

ok. as you previously said the bot is actually a man's brain I put that together with one of my theories. The game is trying to say...

that the mans mind is a simulation and we are inside of it.

my theary is that were in a glitched server glitchin


im not that smart to play this but good game


I'm going to be honest: this game is too smart for me. I don't get it, but maybe that's the point; maybe there is nothing to get...or everything. 

Gameplay starts @ 14:19

I applaud anyone who can understand and manipulate code and does programming for more than "just a hobby" because the layout of the game is reminiscent of that...I think. I don't know. Where am I? Who are you? 

Are we all that remains?

this game was kinda creepy very odd good work 

This is such an intriguing and trippy experience. I really didn’t know what to expect when starting this game, but I enjoyed how it played, as well as the graphical style and audio. It would be great to see this game developed further in the future. I’ve included this game as part of my “3 scary games” series. This game is the third in the video. 
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