Updated 18 days ago
Authorompu co
Made withUnity
TagsAtmospheric, glitch, Horror, Walking simulator


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this game is so hard to control.

Loved it. Horrifying and really leaned into that tech horror I've slowly come to love over the past year. I thought it was pulled off perfectly without feeling cheesy, although I did kinda lean into the glitchyness with my video.

Unique and memorable experience!

Great experience, thank you for making it.  

This was really interesting but I fell in a hole 

It's so fucking cool! This is really was a mind-boggling experience.

dude this was amazing. short but intense and disturbing/intriguing at the same time! I loved it!!

I was scared!!! i had to quit the full screen mode! LOL im such a baby... i guess thats a win for the intended vibe though...

poor dude

also 10/10


gorgeous game. loved it.


Resistance is futile.


wow what a vibe, very intense

really nice stuff

this game reminds me of DMT probably more than anything else Ive ever played


I would like a version of this where I can just walk in a data-moshed city for as long as I want.


o.o okayy then...

Awesome! I liked the idea and implementation.

this is a game i've been dreaming about for a long while tysm for making it 

Yooo! This so cool! Awesome Job Ompu Co!

Very good! Nice style.

WoW, very cool Game! Plays great and looks amazing! 



I love this so much


God that was so cool

a weird and neat little experience!

holy sh#t this was intense

headphones are mandatory!

Interestin' concept! Was interested in playing this ever since I saw the first posts on twitter relating to it.