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this is amazing. it feels so dreamy but poignant. I like it a lot. 

Very interesting experience!

This entity is today's Daily OOM (Strange Thing)!


Could you make a zip/rar of the game to download it, bcs some of us play at 1fps if we try to play it from the browser :/


broo my God needs to stop trying to play Grand Theft Auto on his potato PC😅

A short and stimulating experience

i enjoyed it, it's mysterious, it's captivating, it's visually pleasant, and easy to play.

Only 1 problem, i got glitched in a structure and could not explore anymore, which is like 50% of the game.

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hehe nice


one of the most creative and aesthetically unique games ive ever played on this website. 10/10!!!


how the fuck do you make something like this, 5 stars


Well played. A good game,cheers.


Loved the glitchy video artifacts.

Its a cool effect.


I just want to know how did you do the cycle text coding on the menu and for the character's name as well in the gameplay

really good! :D

i like




This isn't a game, it's an experience <3


I don't know what the hell I just played but I like it :)


i absolutely ADORE how the poetry is different every play - is it procedurally generated? A stroke of artistic genius and a randomiser? who knows! but it's beautiful, so effective and one of the most stand out indie games in my mind that i think of and come back to regularly

the glitching effect messed with me a lot. Loved the game :)



I liked the game. it had cool glitch effects but yet its short. I imagined something was going to chase you the was causing the glitch. but yet it was a great game.


It reminds me of being in a server that used to be full of players, but has now been abandoned over the years.

i'd never thought of it that way! wow

when someone unplug usb drive unsafe

wow, very cool glitch effects

agree with you


holy shit


I'm da Nigga


fucking mad i dig


from what I understand is that someone died, lost all their organs and brain yet survived and has become death itself


This is awesome

gosh, I hate it when this happens!

great game

such a sick short game. the detail is everything, it's amazing


I don't know what happend but I liked it. <3


that was really cool. I don't understand anything, but it's interesting, and it terrifies me. which is great. I love this so much.

this was intersting to play

i feel the same!

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