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I was not expecting the game to be this fire 

wtf did i just play?

this is fire im ngl


He is not what remains :0

oh dear how sad :( (SARCATICLY)

Nice taste for the no-remained.


A terrific graphic piece depicting the collapse of a PC connection!

But I couldn't help but wonder if these images might represent the actual human brain and its buggy connection to vision.

It is both very interesting and frightening to think so!


Sick. 😎

i love this, also the (seemingly) real-time jpeg compression effect was pretty cool!



i dont get it what is the game i didnt know what to do


(That's the point)


Wow! This was beautiful! I... want more? :D <3





this is amazing. it feels so dreamy but poignant. I like it a lot. 

Very interesting experience!

This entity is today's Daily OOM (Strange Thing)!



Could you make a zip/rar of the game to download it, bcs some of us play at 1fps if we try to play it from the browser :/


broo my God needs to stop trying to play Grand Theft Auto on his potato PC😅

A short and stimulating experience

i enjoyed it, it's mysterious, it's captivating, it's visually pleasant, and easy to play.

Only 1 problem, i got glitched in a structure and could not explore anymore, which is like 50% of the game.

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hehe nice


one of the most creative and aesthetically unique games ive ever played on this website. 10/10!!!


how the fuck do you make something like this, 5 stars


Well played. A good game,cheers.


Loved the glitchy video artifacts.

Its a cool effect.


I just want to know how did you do the cycle text coding on the menu and for the character's name as well in the gameplay

really good! :D

i like




This isn't a game, it's an experience <3


I don't know what the hell I just played but I like it :)


i absolutely ADORE how the poetry is different every play - is it procedurally generated? A stroke of artistic genius and a randomiser? who knows! but it's beautiful, so effective and one of the most stand out indie games in my mind that i think of and come back to regularly

the glitching effect messed with me a lot. Loved the game :)



I liked the game. it had cool glitch effects but yet its short. I imagined something was going to chase you the was causing the glitch. but yet it was a great game.


It reminds me of being in a server that used to be full of players, but has now been abandoned over the years.

i'd never thought of it that way! wow

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