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What a really cool and well executed idea. Sound design was wonderful, and the atmosphere was one of the best I've encountered in a while.
Well done!

When playing this.... I had the feeling I was trapped inside a Catacomb which did give me a little claustrophobic vibe.... and the sounds.... SOO GOOD! The ambience is also amazing!


The atmosphere, the music ... a 10, I loved it


Wish there was more stairs

was a great game even though i didnt know what was happening I had a lot of fun playing it :) 

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This was a very interesting game!  The game itself had a very interesting atmosphere to it as well.  The game starts at 3:05

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At first i thought i was in a butthole (LOL). but, kidding aside, the camera is wobbly it feels like i'm drunk. but don't get me wrong it was smooth and it adds creepy feels in the game. The ending is really interesting! overall, great game! it was unsettling, short and fun!

P.s game starts at 7:34

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This game was really interesting to play, it was making an atmopshere that someone was watching your every step and that you, the player were completely lost in this unnerving labyrinth.

This strange atmosphere

So,  what has this game got in common with Slender?

I really enjoyed this! The movement of the camera was super smooth and the way that the player moves really made the game feel like a dreadfully atmospheric RC racing game. 

Where is the music at the end from? 

A cool setting to get lost in.

great game was a lot of fun! 

Game was fun Its around the 16 minute mark

hey i really enjoyed this, Its different and raises queestions.

Hi, I'm currently making a series where I play through every game submitted to the Wretched Weekend Jam, and yours was the 52nd game I played!

This game was simple, but effective. I've always been a sucker for VHS styled things, and the game delivered.
While not much "happens" in the game, I really enjoyed the way audio was so effectively used.
Do I have any idea what was happening? No.
Did I enjoy it while it was happening to me? Yes. Great job!

Here's the video for those interested (time stamps in description):

I've always had a fear of going deep down a dark tunnel so this definitely ticked the box. I feel there is a lot more story to tell if given enough time for development. Perhaps there is a part 2?

Pretty original x) Has potential 

This was awesome! This has so much potential. I'd love to see a whole game of this ever-deepening depth fractal tunnel madness. The minimalism of it just magnified the effect ten fold. Please make more.

I think that the idea isn't new, but hey it was fun

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Really cool game! The suspense is what makes the game really scary  in my opinion. 

I love the concept of this game, I think the idea of 'descending' into unknown territory is something we find universally terrifying albeit exhilarating. Great little game. (0:00)



very weird but coo

btw i meant cool

Played your game in an indie romp video. Hope you enjoy. Spookiness was good

i like game is really entertaining

please check out my channel

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti

This was insanely unnerving, but I still wish there was more. It truly gave me a feeling that no other game has given me before. Amazing job, I'd love to see more of this!

I really felt like I was in a nightmare!

Masterful ramping up of tension.

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dear... christ.

this experience had probed the innermost cavities of my own head to invoke what i can only fathom to be the only true nightmare i've ever had while awake.

outstanding work.

It's a strange but surprisingly effective method of messing with me! I've always been super sensitive to noise but this game overloaded me D:
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once I realised what was going on I just froze and couldn't go further haha. Incredibly scary, made me quit from fear.


i just finished the game and am dying to understand it. What do you mean? What's going on?

God this atmosphere is dreadful. I felt so uncomfortable throughout the game, knowing every drop marks another point of no return. Really creepy and well made. I would absolutely love some sort of polished version or extension post-jam. This is really something special.


Really great atmosphere. Definitely the most oppressive-feeling game I've played so far. I love the progression of the audio.


This one really feels like falling into a bad dream.


The audio frequencies are insane (inaudible). I loved the organic caves and the style in general. Beautiful unclear end. Beautiful sound, when it's inaudible. 1st game in video