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CHANGELOG - UPDATED 9/19/16 (v1.01)

-added mp3 support
-fixed UI bug requiring enter to be pressed twice to load
-added togglable UI button, will add more to UI later

This software is an audio-controlled oscilloscope in a cubic format, the X and Y axes being left and right channels, and the Z axis being temporal. I designed it to be an educational tool on how XY audio graphics work, and how the two channels combine to create an image.


WASD/Arrow Keys - rotate the scope

Z - reset scope rotation

C - toggle scope casing

P - toggle play/pause (maintains oscilloscope beam structure for viewing)


Currently, the program supports WAV, OGG and MP3 format audio files with stereo audio.

On the bottom face of the scope, click the OMPU CO logo to toggle the file entry field where you can type in the local address of a file you would like to play. Rotate to the bottom face and click the input box to begin typing. Address should be in the format of: C:/Users/User/Music/Audio.wav

Press enter to load the file.

I hope to simplify this in a future update with either drag-&-drop functionality or a file dialog.

Apologies if it does not work on your device, the current version was produced as an experiment with shaders and doing most of the work on the GPU side. If all you see is a purple dot/line then it isn't playing well with your system, and I apologize. If demand grows enough I'd be happy to make a more compatible version of it with equal functionality.

This application is distributed as an early demo of a vector graphics emulator for a video game I am working currently referred to as WEEP, which uses realtime audio to drive a real vector display or oscilloscope to produce graphics, and is a genuine vector graphics video game that I'm designing with the intent to abuse and deconstruct the medium more than ever before. The emulated scope shader will allow for those without access to such a display to still be able to enjoy the project without the graphics being faked.

You have permission to share and distribute this demo, so long as you leave credit where credit is due and don't sell it for profit, that's stupid.


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Published35 days ago
Tagsartgame, oscilloscope, Retro, scope, tool, vector, Visualization


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